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Month: September 2019

Respected Parents,

Kindly note the following points:

  • Regular classes for Term- II will commence from 30th Sept. 2019(Monday) from Nursery to +2.

  • Timing w.e.f. 30th Sept. 2019 (Monday) from Nursery to +2 will be

+1 , +2 2nd to 10th
All Days 08:50 am to 12:50 pm 07:50 am to 01:50 pm
Friday 08:50 am to 12:50 pm 07:50 am to 12:00 pm
Note: Departure time of 2nd to 10th Self-Students will be 02:00 pm.
  • P.T.Meeting for the result of Term-I will be held on 06th October 2019 (Sunday) from Nursery to +2.

  • P.T.Meeting Timing will be from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm.

  • The school will remain closed on 7th October 2019 (Monday) in lieu of P.T. Meeting and 8th October 2019 due to “Dusshera”.

  • Note: It is humbly requested that only parents may kindly attend the meeting.


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